Saturday, 9 June 2012

Colt Diesel L-300 Minibus

Colt L-300 Deluxe, interior and special relief, fit more passengers. The use of quality materials to add comfort and driving pleasure, long trips are not a problem though and fun.

Colt L-300 Standard, the most appropriate economical choice for business. Quality maximum comfort, can carry more passengers with low operating costs.

AC Double Blower Cooling system with double blowers make all space in L-300 minibus increasingly seemed very cool and make the passengers more comfortable.

Passenger room is very spacious, the composition of the bench in Minibus L-300 4 line to 10 passengers remained fairly spacious and comfortable. Material used more special, reclining bench seat system increases driving comfort for long trips though.

Cabin space, wider, more spacious leg room, bring the convenience of the fund drive long trips.

Cyclone Diesel Engine 2,500 cc, cyclone technology which produces high-powered rotary engine toughness become more vibrant, more refined engine sound, more power and fuel is also more economical.