Saturday, 9 June 2012

Colt Diesel L-300 Minibus

Colt L-300 Deluxe, interior and special relief, fit more passengers. The use of quality materials to add comfort and driving pleasure, long trips are not a problem though and fun.

Colt L-300 Standard, the most appropriate economical choice for business. Quality maximum comfort, can carry more passengers with low operating costs.

AC Double Blower Cooling system with double blowers make all space in L-300 minibus increasingly seemed very cool and make the passengers more comfortable.

Passenger room is very spacious, the composition of the bench in Minibus L-300 4 line to 10 passengers remained fairly spacious and comfortable. Material used more special, reclining bench seat system increases driving comfort for long trips though.

Cabin space, wider, more spacious leg room, bring the convenience of the fund drive long trips.

Cyclone Diesel Engine 2,500 cc, cyclone technology which produces high-powered rotary engine toughness become more vibrant, more refined engine sound, more power and fuel is also more economical.




Mitsubishi Fuso Colt Diesel 110 PS, there are two types of FE-71 FE 4 Tires and Tire-73 6 now appear more handsome cabin with exterior design and new features. And those two types are supported by each engine type that has proven 4D34 and make Colt Mitsubishi Fuso Diesel increasingly powerful, increasingly unmatched toughness and reliability with the addition of Turbocharger, Inter Cooler, New Injection Pump.

Increasingly perfect comfort thanks to a new concept for commercial vehicles, a total change in cabin interior design that has the most extensive class size and increased functionality and supported standard equipment for the driver. And whoever would that more secure when controlling it, because this truck is equipped safety features active and passive are more advanced and modern.


COLT DIESEL FE 71 4 TIRE, giving the advantage with a new development. With the engine 4D34 Inter Cooler Turbo, Maximum power engine enlarged to 110 so that the toughened PS more convincing, more beautiful and economical, also with the renewal of a more comfortable suspension.
Four wheel drive vehicles intended for passenger bus with a lower noise level. Tilt & Telescopic steering wheel position settings facilitate in accordance with the steering wheel posture. Safety Belt keep driver and passenger safety. Seat Adjuster makes it easier to adjust the seat on the driver and passenger sitting position more comfortable.
Integrated transmission lever on the dashboard, so that an advanced cabin more spacious.


Colt L-300

MITSUBISHI COLT L-300, now comes with a new look, more modern, with a 2,500 cc engine with the specifications and technology is more advanced, the Euro 2 standards, making COLT L-300 more powerful yet fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.
Power steering completeness that accompany Colt L300 control make it even easier to drive.
COLT Mitsubishi L-300, there are several options such models: PICK UP STANDARD, FLAT BED PICK UP, AND BUS CHASSIS.